Cracked, Author of the book Dr. Drew Pinsky

Assignment Title In his book Cracked; Putting Broken Lives Together Again: A Doctor’s Story Drew Pinsky describes the clinical stories from his own experience of helping people to overcome their addiction, which has led them to total broke. All the cases, the personal stories of cocaine, heroin, alcohol, Vicodin or any other addiction have it … Read More»


Assessment of suicide risk and management of deliberate self-harm (OUP, 2012) are the most important steps towards restoring mental balance in patient. Suicide risk assessment may imply open discussion, share observations, or discussion of suicidal thoughts (Sharon, 2010) approach. Most often, counselors use several or all these approaches altogether; like in Bill’s case when counselor … Read More»

Abnormal Child Psychology

Having analyzed the symptoms described in the case study, it is possible to determine the diagnosis of autism. Signs of autism fall into three main categories: a qualitative impairment of social interaction, a qualitative impairment in communication, restricted and stereotyped patterns of behavior (Cipani, 2011). Michael has symptoms from each of these categories. The following … Read More»

Body Language

Abstract Body language has been playing an important role in the development of understanding of people’s thoughts and ideas. Body language includes different gestures, movements, and face expressions that tell about human’s feelings and emotions that cannot be described via means of words. People have to learn body language in order to control personal signs … Read More»

Personal and professional development plan

I enjoy psychology, not only because it helps to understand and predict the behavior and thoughts of others, but also because it assists me in getting to know myself more deeply. That is why I want to connect my life with psychology and become a professional in this area. So, the most important long-term goal … Read More»

Parent Involvement and Educational Outcomes

Parent Involvement and Educational Outcomes Parental acts of child orientation are a great contributing factor to children’s future behaviours and attitudes especially in areas such as social and educational interactions. Some of the parental mechanisms of child upbringing involve support and closeness, hostility and distance. These are determinant factors to the way children in their … Read More»

Kennon Sheldon – What is satisfying about satisfying events?

Sheldon, K.M., Elliot, A.J., Kim, Y., & Kasser, T. (2001). What is satisfying about satisfying events? Testing 10 candidate psychological needs. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 325-339. Kennon Sheldon along with a group of his colleagues ten candidate psychological needs, attempting to figure the ones that are particularly important to human feeling satisfied, … Read More»

An Interview Guide

Small talk The weather is nice today, isn’t it? Did you find the way here easily? Picture of the patient What is your name? What is your occupation? How old are you? What activities do you enjoy? What is your marital status? Do you have any children? How many children do you have? How do … Read More»