Seven Ages

My cheeks are wet with tears

Eyes close of their own accord

As I face my worst fear

Wrinkled skin and liver spots

Arthritic hands and knees

Dementia creeps upon me

Give back my memories

Retired and on the scrap heap,

Or a life of leisure?

Gone way past my sell by date,

Or time for my pleasure?

Mortgage, kids, job loss worries,

I’m at the half way stage

Half of three score years and ten

I feel weighed down with age

Officially an adult

The world is mine to take

Anything I want, I’ll be –

So suck dust in my wake

I like being small, it’s good

Mummy looks after me

The Sun is always shining

And Daddy’s home for tea

Please don’t make me go out there

It’s nice and warm in here

If I go out, they’ll smack me

And it’ll all end in tears…

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