Smile Too Much Essay

Smile Too Much

Smile Too Much?

Over the years women have always smiled and you never know why. Women smiling is and
everyday occurrence but unlike men they don?t smile as much. Men are more of the type who
likes to look big, bad and brave so they think that smiling isn?t for men. When men and
women smile around other people it makes them feel more comfortable to be around them. I
have experienced being very nervous about being around people who don?t smile and it?s
kind of uncomfortable to be around them, because you never know if they?re in a good mood
or a bad mood. Most adults these days especially men don?t smile as much because of the
economy and how it?s going downhill. For instance they might not be smiling because they
just went to get gas and it was over three bucks a gallon and they thought that was
absolutely outrageous. Smiling is important to a lot of people so they know how to feel
around one person.

Amy Cunningham had a very good perspective of smiling between women and men. Her husband
stated ?Your smiling face and unthreatening demeanor make people like you in a fuzzy way,
but that doesn?t seem to be what you?re after these days.? Smiling is important in women?s
lives because we smile constantly. Men smile sometimes but it?s not as common as women do.
Guys sometimes judge girls/women on their smile because your smile shows some of your
personality. Take me for example I?m usually always smiling when I walk into a classroom
or say hi to people I pass in the hallways. Some girls would just not smile at all or be

one of the girls who live in their own little world and not smile at anything. Men on the
other hand try to avoid smiling because they want to look like a man and men don?t smile,
they hide it so people can?t see their emotions. In my opinion some guys smile are great
and I don?t know why they would want to hide it front of people. When it comes to Smiling
between men and women it works in a bunch of different ways.

In other countries smiling can be used as showing them how they hide their feelings like
pain or sadness. People expect women to smile no matter how they feel. Like ?let?s take
the example of the woman walking down the street, A car full of guy are driving and see a
lady walking down the street and yell ? hey baby, smile! Life?s not that bad is it?? If
women don?t smile everybody thinks something is wrong with her. ?Women weren?t expected
to seem animated and responsive; in fact, immoderate laughter was once considered one of
the more conspicuous vices a woman could have, and mirth was downright sinful.? See in the
earlier days it was said it was bad for women to smile or laugh. But when men don?t smile
everyone thinks is a natural thing that guys shouldn?t smile or be made to smile.

A weakness I thought that stood out the most would have to be that Cunningham didn?t
mention about guys smiling, yes I know this article I read was about women smiling, but,
they need to at least put some input into men smiling as well. Also it doesn?t mention a
lot about if women never smiled or wouldn?t smile. Women smile a lot but when they don?t
there is a reason for that and some people don?t take that into consideration that there
are reasons why we don?t smile and that we don?t always have to tell people what is wrong.
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