Restriction of Civil Society in China

The expansion of globalization, democratic governance, and economic integration has accelerated the capacity of civil society in large number of countries. Thus, for instance, according to reports in Yearbook of International Organizations, the number of international NGOs has increased significantly: from 6,000 in 1990 to more than 50,000 in 2006. The civil society organizations have … Read More»

Unconventional Unions in the US

Abstract The essay deals with unconventional unions, such as polygamy and same-sex spouses in the US society. In the introduction the current circumstances are exposed. In the main body the lawsuits concerning polygamy and sodomy are analyzed, legislation on marriage and unconventional marriages is studied; the attitude of the law towards same-sex spouses and polygamous … Read More»

Being a Japanese American

Being a Japanese American means having a long history of struggle for your ethnical identity and being often misunderstood. It is not a secret that since World War II Japanese Americans experienced prejudice and even suppressions. For quite a long time the attitude to Japanese Americans was more than cool. “The stereotypes of Japanese Americans … Read More»

IFRS Assesment

The international financial reporting standards are international standards established to develop accounting principles that are globally accepted. The IFRS organization is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and developing extensible Business Reporting Language through one of its groups known as XBLR. The role of XBLR within the organization is to provide a standard electronic structure … Read More»

Anonymous Alcoholics Meeting Impact Paper

There are a lot of various problems why people become addicted to the alcohol, such as stress at work, problems in a family, or the troubles of any other kinds. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was founded by two men Bill Wilson and Robert Smith in Ohio, in 1935. They both were wealthy and addicted to alcohol. … Read More»

Domestic Violence

Feminism has grown greatly for the last 40 years. Feminist theory is only a small part of a very large feminism movement. This theory gives a perspective for better understanding human behavior in the social environment by centering women and problems that women faces in contemporary society. Feminist methodology seeks to assess knowledge-generating strategies in … Read More»

Categories of Transportation Vehicles

There exists a great diversity of transportation vehicles in the system of vehicle classification that is used by numerous organizations. Due to this variety, the number of vehicle categories was decreased to only the major ones. These major categories are passenger car fires, rail transportation vehicle fires, truck and recreational vehicle fires, aircraft, and marine … Read More»

Child or Adult?

It is interesting to note that juvenile as well as criminal justice systems are aimed at protection the community and society from defendants and offenders and presuppose application of proper punishment to them. However, the above-mentioned systems vary in their goals in almost all states and have divergences and similarities. Actually, the juvenile justice system … Read More»

So Real it Hurts – Notes on Occupy Wall Street

The author’s main point of argument is making change. She talks about how painful these changes sometimes are and at what cost they emerge. Later she says these changes are worth the efforts. A longtime New York City-based activist, author expresses her point that discrimination is still there, very much there, even in a concept … Read More»

Protect Participants

Introduction Nowadays human issues play an increasingly important role both in science and social life. Medical researches contribute significantly to the progress of medical sciences in general and allow inventing effective medicines and methods to cure diseases. Thus, medical researches participated by volunteers are of major importance. On the other hand, moral issues of the … Read More»