Drug use should not be decriminalized

Drug abuse is one of the most burning issues in the USA. Indeed, the problem is so complex that it has two opposite solutions proposed on the governmental level. The first one is to go on the “drugs war”, while the other stands for drug legalization. The latter appears to be unacceptable and ridiculous to … Read More»

Living without Society

There is a phrase that the human being cannot exist without society. In order to provide sufficient answer, it is needed to provide definition for such concepts as society and human. Thus, human is a biosocial being that possesses cognition, speech, ability to create things and use them in the process of social work, which … Read More»

Prostitution and sex trafficking

It is interesting to note that prostitution and sex trafficking are widely spread all over the world today. A strong and indomitable will to leave motherland and lead a better life full of fun, money or a perspective of successful and happy cross-cultural marriage beckon young naive girls from poor developing countries. In the light … Read More»

Al-Qaeda vs Hamas

The problem of terrorism is the most vital in the world, and much attention of the world’s publicity is riveted on this issue. Moreover, people are not only involved into the process of different military operations directed at the decrease of terrorists groups; they respond and act on it in different ways. On September 11, … Read More»

Capstone Project

Abstract Instructional problems are experienced everywhere in the society be it in school, at home or even at work. Instances are witnessed whereby communication is not made effective due to poor instructional methods. For instance a parent may require their child to do something but unfortunately lack the proper way of instructing the child to … Read More»

What are the impacts of media on illicit drug use?

It is a well-known fact that communication media function as “mind tools”, but not just as the source of factual information (McDougal, 2011). Many researchers, such as Walter On and J.J. Gibson claim that such is the function of drugs alongside with the media. So, media, as well as drugs affect the efficiency of perceptual … Read More»

Division and Classification

The most of us read books. This fact is truth and might be supported by diverse evidence. However, the very goal of reading is different depending on the type of the readers themselves. Readers might be addicted and accustomed. They might be the fans of an exact genre or they are just trying to spend … Read More»

Presidential debate

Presidential debates occur after nomination of candidates. The aim of the debate is to help the public to make the right presidential choice. The debaters should use their public speaking skills to convince the public to vote for them. They should share their minds with the audience so they need excellent communication skills. The University … Read More»

Lesson Plan in Spanish Language

The lesson is developed for secondary school students from the local Spanish community. Objectives of the lesson are: listening to several comparisons of family members and their roles in the community and discovering the proper grammatical form, learning new adjectives to characterize individuals, making comparisons to describe members of families using each of the newly … Read More»