Son of Tears (9-44)

The following morning, Augustine awoke with a raging headache. After lying awake for a while he decided to go to mass. As he walked into the church he noticed the Pagan believers and decided to blatantly ignore them. He sat with the men and found himself to be very bored while in mass. His boredom came to an abrupt halt as he noticed a beautiful young woman enter the room. The urge to have her came over Augustine. They said one last prayer. He closed his eyes and after the prayer was finished she was gone. Augustine ran downstairs and looked for her but couldn’t find her.

Chapter 10

Augustine receives a letter from Monica explaining that Patricius was ill and there was very little chance of recovery. A second letter was received saying that Patricius had passed on. Augustine accepted his father’s death with little emotion. He responds with a letter of consolation to Monica. Later on he found the astonishing woman that he saw in church the previous week. He followed her home and met her father who choked him until he would explain to him what he desired of Melanie.

Chapter 11

Leporius, Melanie’s father, led Augustine into the house. He is a poor fisherman. They talked a lot about Melanie. When Leporius left the cottage, Augustine talked with Melanie and tried to explain to her that he loved her. She obviously did not believe him when she heard this news.

Chapter 12

Augustine did not tolerate Melanie’s rejection of his offering as a final stand. He went to her cottage but no one answered. He ran to the wharf and he found that all the fishing boats were out. He eventually found Melanie after searching around town. She explained to Augustine about how her parents were slaves and with that they began to get acquainted with each other for the first time.

Chapter 13

Augustine thought about Melanie for hours. He knew Melanie would soon have to give in and profess her love for him. When he got back to his house, he talked with one of his roommates about love and that if he and Melanie were together, and that she could not live with them. If this happened they knew that it would ruin their friendship. Later, Augustine was near Melanie’s house and saw a soldier talking to her. Augustine thought he was flirting with her so he attacked him. Augustine got knocked unconscious during the fight. Melanie told him that it was her cousin that he fought and they talked about love. She became enraged and went back inside the house. Augustine was in his house and he got a letter from Melanie saying that her father had left her. He ran over to her house and she pronounced her love for him.

Chapter 14

It seems as if Augustine and Melanie fight all the time. He thinks she is not only spending too much money for herself, but also cheating on him. Augustine has seen her with numerous different men walking through the streets. One day they get into a big fight which looks to be the final blow and Melanie ends up leaving him. Then at night, she comes home and tells him everything. She says that she loves him and that she has not cheated on him like he thinks. She says that the men she was with were only protecting her from other men. She also confesses to Augustine that she believes she could possibly be pregnant.

Chapter 15

Augustine is now worried that his mother might have found out about his mistress. He is in a very dreadful state, until he finds a passage from Cicero. He then realized that he was missing a god in his life. He opened up the Bible and read until he fell asleep. The next he saw two men fighting over Christianity. The younger one hit the older one twice and then left. Augustine helped the man up and inquired about his religion.

Chapter 16

Augustine goes to a place to eat with Marius. They talk about their faith and just about everything he was told contradicted the Christian belief and way of life. They talked about how the two religions are different and how much better the Manichean religion was. On his way home, Augustine was very interested and eager to talk about this new religion he had been taught. He wanted to tell Monica about everything.

Chapter 17

Augustine talks with Monica about this new religion he has learned and she is infuriated. She explains to him that it is the religion of Satan and that he must not worship it. He tells her all the great things about it and she is still angry. She realizes what is going on between Augustine and Melanie which makes her madder than she was before. While they are talking, Romanianus joins them. She then talks to the bishop about her son and what she should do with him. He tells her to believe in God and pray and everything will be corrected over time and Augustine will become a Christian.

Chapter 18

Augustine begins to teach a rhetoric class at Romanianus’ villa. A man named Spendius comes to him and tells him that he needs to stop teaching Manicheanism to his sister and they had a long talk about it. After they talked, Spendius still did not like it, but he said that he would allow it. However, he was taken ill immediately and died shortly after.

Chapter 19

Romanianus sees that Augustine is suffering from Spendius’ death so he says that he can go back to Carthage and that his debts are paid off. Before he leaves, he tells Monica that he would like her to come see him in the spring and she agrees. When he gets back to Carthage, Augustine talks with Melanie about the baby and how things went while he was gone.

Chapter 20

Augustine opens up his own school of rhetoric and has many pupils sign up immediately thanks to Romanius. In this chapter Adeodatus, his son is born. Augustine talks with Melanie and one of his friends about astrology then goes to talk to Vindicianus about it. He tells Augustine that he is needed in rhetoric and that he should not start learning about astrology that a mind like his should not focus on it.

Chapter 21

Nine years pass. The scene opens up where Augustine, Honoratus, and Nebridius are at a public bath. At this juncture in time Augustine gave up on astrology. The friends discuss their religion. They also talk about the corruption of the officials and finally decide that if the leader, Faustus, doesn’t answer their questions then they will leave Manicheanism. When Faustus does arrive he leaves many of their questions unanswered. We also find out that Alypius is in Rome.

Chapter 22

Augustine is at the meeting with his friends. They listen to the man speak about the Manichean religion and its history but they do not like him. They call him a quack and try to speak to him after the speech but Marius won’t let them. Eventually they do and they still do not like what he says. When Augustine goes him he talks with Melanie about moving to Rome and starting a school there and then Melanie tells him that his mother is in Carthage.

Chapter 23

As Augustine leaves for a lecture, his mother arrived at his house. She was delighted to see her grandson. She then asks what time Adeodatus goes to bed, for she would like to talk to Melanie. Monica asks Melanie about her sins with Augustine and whether she thought she should leave him or not. This made Melanie to cry, thus she ran into her son’s room.

Chapter 24

Augustine wants to leave for Rome to begin teaching and earn enough money to bring Melanie and his son there soon. While waiting to board a ship he talks with a Greek rhetorician about Rome. He then tells Monica that he will come back for her too and then boards the ship and they set sail. However, Augustine has a guilty conscious about how he treated his mother and the whole ordeal with the religions.

Chapter 25

Augustine arrives in Rome and hates it. Everything he was told by the Greek man was true. After a little while there he becomes very ill and is near death. He begins to recover slowly and his friend Alypius comes to visit him. They talk for a while and Augustine tells him that he does not believe in anything anymore, not even the Manichean religion.

Chapter 26

Augustine receives a note from Alypius stating that he will meet him at the Caracalla baths. Alypius was late to their meeting. When Alypius arrives he tells him about an oratory contest. He tells him that he will bribe the judge to let Augustine win. However, Augustine was determined to win with or without the help of Alypius, so he could bring his family over and go to Milan.

Chapter 27

Augustine had been in Milan for 2 years. He won the contest in Rome. He has become wealthy and lives in a nice house. He talks to Ambrose one day about religion and says that he will attend masses. Then Alypius comes to visit Augustine and tells him that he no longer lives in Rome. Augustine tells him that he will live with him. He also says that he has sent for Melanie, his son, and his mother.

Chapter 28

Four days following new years, his family arrives. Some time in March Nebridius and his wife appear. Then Romanianus and his family arrive on business. So, now all these people are staying with Augustine. Then Evodius, a friend who was enlisted in the army came to stay. Finally his mother and brother come and stay as well. Melanie is still upset that she is not his wife and looks to God in her prayers.

Chapter 29

In this chapter the men of the house have a meeting about starting a hermitage. The women stop it because didn’t like the idea. Monica told Augustine that she had arranged a marriage for him and Melanie heard and left for a convent leaving a not telling Augustine not to come looking for her and that she will love him forever and will never stop praying for him.

Chapter 30

Augustine begins to convert. Alypius talked with Monica and told her that he has another mistress and that he has being reading the scriptures and going to mass. One day he begins reading the scriptures and thinks of Ambrose’s preaching and puts it all together. Suddenly something clicks in his mind and he starts to believe in the Christian faith.

Chapter 31

Augustine quit his job as imperial rhetorician. A Milanese grammarian invited him to stay with him at his summer home in Cassiciacum. He brought both his family and two student, one in which he wished to convert, but failed. His stay was most unpleasant for he suffered from insomnia and longed to see Melanie.

Chapter 32

Augustine is a baptized Christian and has decided that the monastic life is the only life worth living. Inspired by Ambrose’s monastery, Augustine decided to set up his own. On their journey Augustine and Monica admired temples and other buildings and then she became very ill. She soon died after requesting to be buried where she died and Augustine agreed.

Chapter 33

He finally built a monastery at Thagaste. He keeps it as simple as possible. His monastery was easily filled, for he was a great rhetoric teacher. He even made a waiting list. He wrote many doctrines against the Manicheans. Suddenly his son was ill. He had caught a rare African Disease. He was ill for 34 days before he died. Then Augustine remembered what his wife had said to him about their son. She said he knew he would not live long.

Chapter 34

Augustine received a letter from a man in hippo requesting him to come. After a debate with himself he decided to go. When he got there he talked to the man and attended a mass. At the end of the mass the congregation forced the ordination of Augustine and therefore Valerius, the bishop, ordained him.

Chapter 35

Bishop Valerius told Augustine that he was not feeling well and that he would take over the masses until Easter. Augustine did not want to but Valerius did not give him a choice. At mass, people start breaking out in protest but Augustine’s sermon was so moving that the people stopped and agreed with him. Alypius was so moved by it that he thought he shouldn’t become a priest because he’d never be as good as Augustine.

Chapter 36

Augustine speaks with a monk from Thagaste named Possidius. He enjoyed the abbot, but soon learned to love the priest of Hippo. He soon had an urge to follow in his footsteps. They then talk about the monastic reforms and the news of corrupt priests and monks coming from the east trying to escape the barbarians. They then go for a walk and Augustine shows him around the monastery. Finally they talk of Thagaste and Donatist and his dislikes and likes of priesthood.

Chapter 37

Megalius announces the new Bishop. Due to slander from the Donatists Megalius was not going to elect him but Valerius came into the room to nominate Augustine then fell unconscious. Then changed Meglius’ opinion and decided to give Augustine a chance. He brought in witnesses and they eventually cleared his name and Megalius announced that he would consecrate Augustine.

Chapter 38

The Visigoths were trying to destroy Rome. They cut off the food supply until they were paid. However they did it again and were paid, but the third they were refused payment and invaded the city. One day Augustine and Heraclius were going back to Hippo after tending to the sick. They meet a Donatist farmer who wishes to go with them. He argues with them about Donatism being the true religion. Later Augustine leaves to tend to other sick people. Not much later a man with a red beard asks were Augustine is. They had planned to kill him. Then the farmer and Heraclius get into an argument that turns into a fight. He ends up knocking out the farmer and taking him to the hospital. Augustine asks him if he did the right thing. Later Augustine chuckles to himself about what had happened.

Chapter 39

Augustine is sick and his physician told him to go to a quiet place for a while so he did. Meanwhile, Rome had fallen and the all the land was uneasy. Augustine reflects back on how much he loved Rome with Heraclius, who also realizes, while there, the great things that Augustine does with helping people with their problems.

Chapter 40

Augustine returns back to Hippo knowing he has to battle the Peligian beliefs. He received a letter from Alypius, who is now the bishop in Thagaste, saying that he needs Augustine to talk to a man named Paulinas so Augustine agrees and talks to him. After a very lengthy talk, Paulinas decides to denounce the beliefs of the Peligians.

Chapter 41

There are more problems due to the fall of Rome. Many men from Rome went to North Africa and that caused many problems within the church and the clergy. A man named Pinianus is one of them. He says that if he is ordination is forced upon him he will leave North Africa. Therefore, Augustine goes and talks to him upon his request. After talking with him they agreed that he would live in Hippo and not be ordained but the next day he broke his promise and fled to Thagaste. The people are outraged and want him excommunicated from the church.

Chapter 42

Augustine finally gave same of his duties to other people so he could write his books. One day he talked to Faustus, Alypius’ nephew, and asked him to give a letter to Boniface and they talked about why he had joined the army. Faustus then left for Carthage to join up with the army and give the letter to Boniface. A while later Augustine found out that his letter was too late and that Boniface was denounced a traitor. Also, Claudia, Faustus’ wife came to Augustine crying and told him that Faustus had fallen in battle and Augustine calmed her down.

Chapter 43

Christian faith is in trouble. Boniface’s army had failed and was retreating to Hippo. Only three cities remain; Hippo, Carthage, and Cirta. They have a meeting and they talk about what to do but most of the men think that it is a lost cause and they talk about what the enemy does. They say that they force Aryanism on them and torture the clergy to death.

Chapter 44

The city is very chaotic. The basilica had been turned into a hospital, men were constantly dying, an epidemic struck. Augustine preached until he could preach no more. The epidemic hit him and he was forced to rest in his bed. On his last day, Alypius and Possidius came to talk to him, and finally, Augustine died.

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