The Mirrors

enhanced by the smooth, silver glass. He looked up out of the old boxes he was rummaging

through to find the rest of his dimly lit garage. He could hear kids playing outside and he

rubbed his hands together, trying to remedy the sting of the bitter, unrelenting cold. He

picked up the mirror, and took it into his mansion of a house in a quiet, peaceful suburb.

It was a Midwestern winter, and the days were short, bringing cold nights laced with the

sounds of speeding cars flying down the highway. Jake heard the shrill call from his mother.

“Jake, we’re going to McDonald’s. What do you want us to bring you back?”

Jake thought about it a moment, and responded in his low, thick voice.

“Im not hungry right now. Go ahead.”

“You really should eat!” she yelled back. He didn’t respond. Instead, he went into

his room, mirror in hand.

Jake had long been obsessed with the paranormal, diving into books of ghosts,

demons, angels, and reproductions of ancient cabalic documents. It was in these books that

he learned of scrying, which is foretelling the future through the use of mirror glass. He

remembered about the cool antique mirror graced with Celtic knotwork and a red runestone,

and figured he would give the ancient art a shot. He opened up the book, looked at some

procedures, and followed the instructions.

He set out the fancy purple velour cloth on his desk and placed the circular mirror

down upon it. He then eagerly looked into the book and slowly chanted the specified jargon

in slow, broken Latin. With that, he blew out his candles, waiting as the book said, for the

mirror’s powers to unlock.

Nothing happened.

He got up from the chair in expectation that it wouldn’t work, and proceeded to

turn the lights on, when he was shocked by what he heard.

It started off as a whisper barely audible, and as he listened in sheer terror it

became louder and louder, till he could hear nothing else but the shrieking terror that

plagued his ears.

It reminded him of a dog growling as if it were intimidated, but this was much more

low, and contained what could only be described as pure, clean, unadulterated evil.

This was enough to scare the pants off Jake and wreak electric terror into his

frail heart.

However, he was drawn over to the mirror which was now glowing and illuminating his

room with astral light. The silver surface of the mirror was rippling, and had an almost

water-like quality to it. He gazed at the glass in wonder, the evil grumble now stifled by

some unknown outside force. He then remembered what he had done, and then began to focus on

things he had pondered often. His future, girls at school that he digged, and his friends.

At first the images were translucent and undefineable. With more concentration, and what

seemed to drain him of his energy, they became more visible. He thought of his friends.

Cars. In the wavy, slightly distorted images of the mirror, he saw cars. Many of

them driving down the street. He saw the normal scenes of rush hour traffic as the view

shifted from scene to scene not unlike being covered with a helicopter.

Then he saw something that horrified him. A blue Mustang, crushed like a pop can,

by some invisible object obviously many times the weight of the car. It was his friend

Remmy’s car. Jake saw a couple of paramedics rolling a gurney away from the wreckage. And

what he saw next struck terror into his heart.

It was long, black, and shiny, just like in all of the movies. He could see it was

occupied, and that scared Jake the most.

With cat-like quickness, he blew out the candles, and flipped the mirror over. Was

what he saw real? Surely not, he thought, no one can tell the future. He called Remmy who

was lying in a deep sleep when the phone rang.


“Huh? What? Jake? Is that you? What the hell are you doing?”

“Um….” Jake realize his friend was ok. “Uh nothing, just callin’ to see what’s up.”

“At two in the morning?” Remmy yelled into the receiver.

Jake looked at the clock on the wall. He stared in amazement at the time. He must

have been looking at the mirror for hours!

He hung up the phone, and dropped to his bed.

He woke up the next morning. And flipped on the television. Gazing in a dumbfounded

stupor, he saw his friends twisted, wrecked car, just as it was in the mirror! He ran up to

his room, and threw the mirror out his window.

But as soon as the mirror left his hands, he felt as if someone had taken his soul

from him.

He ran outside, and got the mirror bringing it back to his room.

As if it were beyond his control he flipped of the lights, and chanted the words,

making images appear before him.

He dropped through a hole, casting himself into a euphoric trance. He lost himself

in the vivid, watery images.

He made a habit of this, forgetting his friends and family

using the mirror whenever he wasn’t eating or sleeping.

One day he gazed into the mirror. He expected the normal images. Things that would

happen, victories in the night’s baseball games, etc. Instead, something else happened.

A huge hand shot out from the mirror, grabbing Jake by the neck, pulling him through

the mirror’s watery glass. He got up from where he landed, and was horrified at what he saw.

He was underground (or that’s what his surroundings seemed to suggest.) He looked at

the huge red dirt walls, the spiral down, almost as if he was on a singular step of a huge

stair cased funnel. All around him people stood and walked. Jake realize to his terror, that

their heads were twisted so that they faced backwards! All around him, they walked backwards,

none of them noticing Jake.

He saw a huge pedestal stand up above everyone. Atop the pedestal, a man clad in a red

suit stood. Jake saw when he came closer that this, however, was no man.

Wings adorned his back, and he held what appeared to be a huge pitchfork. Jake yelled

at it.


The person gazed at him, and said no words, but Jake could hear him perfectly.

“This, my friend, is hell. You were brought here to be shown what will become of you

if you don’t change your ways.”

“Is this about my mirror?”

“Ahhh, yes, this is about the mirror. Look around you. All of these souls practiced

such as you do, and now they must pay for seeing forwards all their lives by seeing backwards

for eternity! You must stop before it is too late.”

Too late.

The words rang in Jake’s head as he flew up from his bed.

Quickly, he took the mirror and all of his books. He took them all out to his backyard.

He lit a fire, and shattered the mirror and threw all his books into the fire.

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