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June 10, 2013

Software enhance
The software learning team C chose to use will enhance numerous client services areas
within a human service organization because it will enable servicing the client more
rapidly and inputting the information in faster, keeping documentations up-to-date
regularly so that the client’s services are never hindered. Concerning client services,
they are taken very seriously and a clients’ satisfaction is essential and crucial to
ensuring that we are providing them with all the help that they need accurately and

According to Social Solutions Transforming Human Services (2013), “it is a vitally
essential component to have for virtually every nonprofit organization, NGO, and
government agency” (Human Services Software Created by Human Service Professionals). It is
vital that as a government agency the appropriate and accurate software had to be chosen
because this will ensure that all areas within the agencies, especially our client
services are brought together successfully and take lead in assessment efforts, the use of
web support, and against all visibly measured outcomes. The software helps us to see where
adjustments are needed if any, enables our ability to see what services a client already

has, those pending, and makes it easier to keep stakeholders in the loop of the success
has (Social Solutions Transforming Human Services, 2013).

Client and Services Tracking System is a system that helps with keeping track of clients
and the services provide basic human needs, so instead of us just providing our clients’
with a sheet that has names, addresses, and numbers of other agencies that can assist them
with clothing, financial assistance and an emergency food source there is no longer any
need to do that the software compiles all the information for us so we can get the
services that the client is in need of without delaying one from receiving the help that
he or she need. This software makes processing clients information more accurate, faster,
and easier to be aware of the services a client is already receiving. The ability to track
clients information will enable the processing time to be minimized and things to move
swifter those within their household, the services can be immediately released. Client can
be informed on the services they qualified for and how along they are eligible to receive
because all the hand-written work that previously had to be done is no longer needed.
Although in order for the process to complete as fast as it should all the primary
required information and it will do the rest (Cussn Software Connection, n.d.).

Utilize software
Both Efforts to Outcomes (ETO™) and CUSSN software Connection have software that will
utilize the functions of the organization that offer client services. The Human Services
Software created by Human Service Professionals offers different services, which can

better benefit both the Human Service workers and the client who it serves.

“Efforts to Outcomes (ETO™) nonprofit software by Social Solutions help to give
organizations a clear picture of which efforts are having the greatest impact on the
social issues they strive to address” (Social Solutions, 2013). Utilizing the services
provided the software can help with recording the daily events that staff provides also
uses the information to improve services provided and what the workers need to improve in
their delivery.

“Performance management software goes the extra step by giving you the features you need
to quantify your efforts, measure participant progress, help you understand your impact
with, and empowering you to make adjustments to continuously improve your services”.
(Social Solutions , 2013).

ETO human services offer case management, performance management, collaborative social
services, and billing software and reimbursement software. With the many services
provided the workers can focus on the clients and their needs and take care of their other

Advantages and disadvantages

Many human services agencies employ software packages to help and establish control

of their agency. With many multiple human services software’s out there it is important that he

or she finds one that can be a time saver and help preserve data. There will always be some

advantages and disadvantages of using these software’s. After reviewing the two software’s

these programs offer different task that can help a human services agency become more

effective. There are also some issues that could cause money in the setup.

Both software’s have applications and capabilities of the computer, smartphone, and

web. They offer different categories like billing, data analysis, education training, and other

programs (social solutions). Both have technical support and contacts to help in designing the

programs that will best fit the needs of the agency. They get regular updates for security reason

and viruses from invading these applications. Developing this type of software allows the

agency to communicate more effectively send e-mails, video conferencing, and getting
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