Zombie Land Essay

Zombie Land

Dexter Smith
English 011
17- April-2013
Zombie Land
From the article “Modern Masculinities,” The author Cooper Thompson explains that men in
society are expected to be physically strong, tough, independent, and have self-control
over their emotions. He also believes that boys must learn to accept their vulnerability
of asking for help and support in appropriate situations. “Modern Masculinities” relates
to the movie Zombieland because it deals with masculinity in relation to zombies and
staying alive. This movie challenges the stereotypes of masculinity in American culture by
showing young viewers that they should not be defined by masculinity but instead define

In the movie Zombieland, Columbus and Tallahassee have different ways of showing
masculinity. One way Tallahassee shows his masculinity is through toughness. For example,
in one scene, Tallahassee punches Columbus at the Native American store after Columbus
considers spraying perfume at him. The way Tallahassee looks with his brown cowboy hat,
black tight jacket, his blue loose pants, and a mean face shows that Tallahassee does not
put up with shenanigans. Tallahassee’s masculinity ties with “Modern Masculinities”
because he is more aggressive and outgoing. Cooper Thompson challenges modern
masculinities with this topic. The way Columbus shows his masculinity is more cautiously.

For example, from the beginning of the movie to the end, Columbus creates himself 33 rules
to follow to survive in Zombieland. The way Columbus looks with his purple jacket, brown
corduroy pants, and a face that looks scared shows that he is a nerdy boy. Columbus does
fit with this article because he is more sensitive when he deals with other people. Also,
Columbus thinks before he takes action, and he is always asking for help when he needs it
once he comes to a conflict. Cooper Thompson was challenging the stereotype of a man in
the article suggesting that by instead of taking action, start asking for help and
support. These two characters show different masculinities that Cooper Thompson discusses
in the article.

Next, the zombies change Tallahassee and Columbus’s masculinity when they are being
attacked by them. In the beginning of the movie, Tallahassee is an angry, violent guy with
no emotion. He hides his emotions from Columbus because he does not want to show them.
Towards the end, he starts to show his emotion about his son right after Columbus kills
Tallahassee’s favorite movie star, Bill Murray. On the other hand, with Columbus, he
changes from being a softy to a bad ass. For example, in the beginning of the movie, he
starts to run away from the zombies because he is too scared to kill. Also, he uses his
own rules to protect himself. Later on in the movie, Columbus meets a girl named Wichita.
He falls in love with her, but she is very destructive. Columbus starts to turn into a bad
ass when he faces his fear and goes through the haunted house at the amusement park with
all the zombies running behind him. He starts shooting them and ends up risking his life
to kill a husky zombie clown. At the end of the movie, Wichita and her sister Little Rock
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